Guarantee and Claims Policy

Wildlife Heritage Tree Nursery strives to provide our customers with trees in good condition at the time of delivery. However, trees are living things and as such may sometimes fail to grow due to factors beyond the control of the Buyer or Wildlife Heritage Tree Nursery.

We stand behind the quality of our trees. Therefore, we offer the following guarantees:

  1. Our trees are true to name.
  2. Our trees are delivered in good condition.

Should you experience any problems, our claims policy and timeline for claims are as follows:

  1. Within 5 days of delivery: Claims must be made for any visible defects to trees or tree protectors and/or differences from the order.
  2. By July 1st of delivery year: With proper care, should any of your trees fail to show signs of growth, WHTN will replace those trees, up to 10% of your order, at no charge the following year*.

    *Our survivability guarantee does not apply to losses due to improper care, abuse, freeze damage after delivery, trees planted outside the designates growing zones, trees delivered to destinations outside the specified growing zones, or to shipments requested before January 15th. Trees that have shown no sign of growth must be returned to the nursery, in whole, for evaluation by August 15th of the delivery year in order to qualify for replacement.
  3. Within 5 years of delivery: WHTN guarantees our trees to be true to name. If any prove to be not true to name, WHTN will replace or refund that part of the order at our discretion.
  4. All claims must be submitted to the email address provided on the contact page of the WHTN website and include the invoice number, date of order, Buyer's name, address, and contact information.