Shipping Costs and Policies


We do our best to keep our shipping rates as simple as possible. Currently, we are shippng all trees through UPS.

One shipping charge is assessed per order based on the tallest tree or tree protector ordered.

Our current shipping charges are as follows:

$19.99 for trees and tree protectors 3 feet tall or less.

$25.99 for trees and tree protectors between 3 and 5 feet tall.

$29.99 for trees over 5 feet tall.


If you must have your trees shipped through the United States Post Office (ex. to a P.O. Box) please contact us for a shipping rate as the U.S. Postal Service charges an oversize fee for long boxes that is not reflected in our standard rates. These fees typically double our shipping cost for the package.


Wildlife Heritage Tree Nursery ships to most states within the continental United States. We do not ship outside the United States, to Alaska, or to Hawaii. We do not currently ship trees to the following states: Arizona, California, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, North Dakota, Oregon, or Wyoming.

Sawtooth oak trees cannot be sold or shipped to the state of Wisconsin.

Chestnut trees cannot be shipped to Michigan or Washington.


Our standard shipping period for most bare-root trees begins January 15th and continues through early May. Our shipping period for bare-root Sawtooth oaks and Chestnuts begins December 15th and continues through early May. We do our best to get your trees to you as early in the planting season as possible. However, in order to minimize the risk of freeze damage to trees and to ensure that your trees arrive in good condition, we watch the weather and try to ship trees when the weather cooperates.

We will ship trees as early as December 15th if requested. However, requesting trees other than Sawtooths or Chestnuts for shipment before January 15th voids all guarantees for survivability and claims for freeze damage.

Trees shipped before March 10th are harvested just before they are packaged for shipment. For later shipments, we harvest the trees before they begin to bud and store them in our cold room to delay the budding process as much as possible.

All trees are shipped with their roots packaged in peat moss and hydrogel. This packaging protects and keeps the roots moist during shipment.

There is always a possibility that weather factors beyond our control, such as hail, could damage some or all of our nursery stock. Should these circumstances arise and we do not have enough healthy trees to fill all orders, our policy is as follows:

  1. We will fill orders in the order that they were received.
  2. We will notify you as soon as possible and offer a refund on the unavailable part of your order.
  3. Any order that cannot be filled in full will receive free shipping.


Orders containing tree protectors only will be shipped as soon as possible.


Your tree protectors will ship when we ship your trees.

If you would like your tree protectors shipped before your trees, please place separate orders for your trees and tree protectors.