Tree Protectors

Row of trees with tree protectors installed.Tree protector installed around a tree.Top view of a tree protector.

Tree Protectors provide your trees with good growing environments that promote quicker growth. They create a miniature greenhouse type environment for each tree and encourage vertical rather than lateral growth. Additionally, tree protectors will provide some water for the trees as water will condense on the tree protector and drip to the ground.

Tree protectors also protect your trees from wildlife and human damage. Deer will often browse on the leaves and branches of young trees, and other animals will gnaw on the bark or roots of the trees. Bucks also have a habit of rubbing their antlers on young trees, especially those planted in open areas. The damage caused by these actions can reduce the rate of growth and possibly even kill your trees. Properly installed tree protectors can eliminate most of these hazards.

Tree protectors will also give your trees some protection against damage due to weed control measures. Tree protectors create a barrier around your trees that provides some protection against herbicides sprayed near the trees, reducing the risk of accidentally spraying and killing the tree. Additionally, tree protectors are much easier to see than the tree itself. Being easily able to identify where the tree is makes mowing and weed eating near the trees much easier for you and safer for the tree.

* Tree protectors do not protect trees from weed eater damage!

Our tree protectors are constructed of a durable, U/V stabilized material that can withstand the forces of nature for years. They are easily secured to a stake with the included 8 inch zip ties (stakes not provided), and are designed so that they can be installed on trees that already have limbs as well as small saplings. Our tree protectors can be wrapped around larger trees. Limbs do not have to be cut or bent and forced through the protector during installation. For smaller trees that have not developed large limbs, zip ties can be inserted into the pre cut holes to form the protector into a tube before it is slipped over the tree. When the tree protector is no longer needed, cut the zip ties and the tree protector can be removed without damage allowing it to be used more than once.

  • Diameter:
  • Height:
  • Material:
  • Color:
  • 4.5 Inches
  • 3 to 5 Feet
  • U/V Stabilized HDPE
  • Light Blue

If you need more tree protetors than we show available, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with your order.

We are unable to ship tree protectors to Alaska, Hawaii, or outside the United States.

  • 3' Tall Tree Protectors:
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