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We are currently accepting orders for winter 2023 and spring 2024 shipments.

We do not ship outside the United States, to Alaska, or to Hawaii.

We do not currently ship trees to: Arizona, California, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, North Dakota, Oregon, or Wyoming.

At Wildlife Heritage Tree Nursery, our goal is to provide trees that will increase your property's value to wildlife. Nut producing trees, especially oaks, have always served as an important food source for deer, turkey, and other wildlife species. Over the years however, the landscape has changed and much of this food source has been removed. Planting new mast producing trees will increase the amount of food available on your property and its desirability to wildlife.

Three whitetail bucks feeding on Sawtooth oak acorns

Our currently available trees include Sawtooth oaks, several species of white oaks and red oaks including hybrids, and American x Chinese hybrid Chestnuts. These trees drop their nuts at different times during the fall and winter, beginning as early as September and continuing through February. This allows you to select trees that will provide food for wildlife at the time it is needed or desired. Depending on your choice, you can begin to see the benefits in just a few years.

We take pride in the trees we sell. All of our trees are grown at our licensed nursery, and each tree is inspected during packaging to confirm that it meets our standards. We ship our trees bare-root and have developed our growing and harvesting methods to reduce the stress that the trees experience due to the harvesting and replanting process.

We also offer tree protectors. Each tree protector acts as a miniature green house that encourages quicker growth and prevents damage caused by animals. Installing tree protectors will greatly reduce the risks young trees face.

At Wildlife Heritage Tree Nursery, we manage every step of the process, from collecting the seeds to packaging the trees for shipment. This allows us to ensure that the trees are true to name, provide good growing conditions from the start, and package the trees so that they arrive in good shape.

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